Pinoy Business Email Pricing

Email is an effective online communication tool and the frontline for your business needs. Everyday conversations with your customers or clients and you don’t even know what your email is wearing? Be proud of your business name by wearing the proper email that represents your business name. Example: [email protected] You are advertising more of your business across the online communities and get more prospects to it.


$0 / mo

  • 1 business email
  • 250 MB of storage
  • 1 year free email access
  • Email support
  • No contract commitments
  • LinkMeh member access


$15 / mo

  • 3 business email
  • 5 GB each of storage
  • 1 Business website
  • Priority email support
  • No contract commitments
  • LinkMeh basic access


$29 / mo

  • 10 business email
  • 10 GB each of storage
  • 1 Business website
  • Priority email support
  • No contract commitments
  • LinkMeh writer access

Free Business Email Details:

You just email us at [email protected] with the following required information for us to process your request to acquire business email in the Philippines.

Email us these following requirements:

1. Business Name: Include your scanned digital copy of your DTI Certificate of Business Name Registration or your local Mayor's permit as a proof that your business is legitimate.

2. Proposed Domain Name: What is this? this is where you're bearing the name of your new business email address for example "[email protected]" and from now onwards, you're no longer using your own personal email address like "[email protected]" or "[email protected]" that you use to it.

3. What happened after my 1-year free business email expired? You've 2 options:

First, you can continue as a free member but you'll be paying for the domain name every year and we will give you the receipt on how much we pay for it plus an additional charge of $5 every month but still with 1 business email with more email storage of 2 GB from 250 MB previously for the server storage and resources you use from our server.

Second, obviously, you can upgrade your existing account at any point in time.

Why the domain name has to pay? and why is it every year?

You know, this is like you connect to an electric company where you need to use electricity to power on your appliances and light up our homes at night and we use it everywhere and the domain name is like that when we use the internet to access a website and there is a domain name to access it everywhere in the world and it is always a minimum of 1 year period to pay for the backend server processing and resources that your domain name reside and access it 24/7.

How much is the domain name per year?

For a typical domain name extension like .com is our recommended extension to be used for your business name and they are not expensive but it's all widely used worldwide and your customers and clients can memorize it easily, and by the way you should give us shorter domain name so we can check it if it's available or not in our domain name registrars.

So how much every year? this is roughly $10 to $15 for a .com extension so we will give you the receipt of how much we pay for it every year for the transparency purposes.

Why giving us free for 1 year?

Wow, seriously we're an advocate of revolutionizing the mentality of our businessman and businesswomen in the Philippines to use your own business name when you communicate with your valuable customers of what type of business you're doing to them as if in the Philippines wow really the is the king and it's like 90% of Filipinos are using it when communicating whether it's personal or doing business is the same for them and we would like to correct it in our own ways.

When you use your own business name in the email, you gain more authority in dealing with your customers and more trust as well. So hopefully, in our own ways, we can change the way we handle our emails in the Philippines.

Oops!, by the way, what is LinkMeh?

This is another business tool project developed by the MinedBP team for your online business needs that you can write or share your business link content for your products and services absolutely free as always to improve your online business presence for your potential customers.

PinoyEmails is a branch connected to MinedBP which is our trade name registered in the Philippines. We provide your business more productivity and efficiency using our business links platform that you can use absolutely free as always.